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Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman - Lijisha Praveen

Greetings from the Vice Chairman!!

Our whole Journey of Life is replete with Experiences that add value to You, if You have a willingness to learn from it!

The entire Pandemic has affected the Whole Globe in such a decisive way that unless You do have the right attitude to Learn and Adapt, you’ll soon be valueless and replaced!!

Be it challenges similar to this, or others that You face in Life, an attitude of Acceptability, Adaptability and Accountability is imperative for your Growth!

Gokulam Group in general and Sri Gokulam Public School in particular, is totally committed to building Positive and Passionate Citizens who contribute to the Nation and to the World as a whole!!

As your Vice Chairman, I appeal to the Parents, the Staff and especially, to Our Dear Students to commit yourselves wholly to give your Best in all that you do!!

That will be the True Testimonial that we at SGPSA seek from You!!!