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Principal Message

Message from Principal

Sree Gokulam Public School Attingal Principal

I believe …….

A best school is not a meer construction. It is a simple belief of well being in humanity.Nothing is to be ruled over.All is well in case, each one understand his rights and limits……..

Discipline is not a bunch of laws……..

It is the awareness of an individual about his freedom, how effectively he make use of it, framing the margin.A generous consideration of everybody’s importance, eliminating the overwhelming importance of self.

For children, twelve years of academic life grant a simple credential.., that is not the achievement, more over it is practically the individual transformation from immaturity to maturity, diffusing some ingredients of love, care, humanity and empathy in souls……..

Treasure of knowledge is the real realization that……

The arts day was not a day for dancing or acting.

Pledge they heard was not a nursery rhyme…….

Patriotism was not the Independence Day celebrations……

It has its own strength to impress them.

There lies…….

The real meaning of “All Indians are my brothers and sisters I love my country……”