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S.No Norm Status of Implementation
1. School must have formal prior recognition and no objection certificate of the State/UT Government Complied
School is recognized to CBSE from 2004
Affiliation code – 930499  Since 01-04-2004 upto 31-03-2014
School code – 42008
2. The school should run by a Registered society/Trust/Section25 company having non proprietary character. Complied
School is run by Poornna Educational & Charitable Turst.
3. The school should have a building with a playground on 2 acres of land. Complied
Area of Campus – 20638.96 (sq mtrs),(5.1Acres) with built up area of 16403.44 sq. mtrs.
4. The school should have qualified staff with pupil teacher ratio of 30:1 and section teacher ratio 1: 1.5 Complied
All teachers are well qualified. The Pupil teacher ratio is 30:1
5. The school must pay salary & allowances as per the norms prescribed by the Govt. of India to the staff. Complied
Salary is paid according to rules


S.No Norm Status of Implementation
1. The institution should have facilities commensurate with its requirements. Complied
2. It should satisfy the minimum conditions laid down for school building, class rooms etc. The minimum floor space should be atleast 1sq. mtr per student. Complied
3. The number of students in the class should not be very large. The optimum number in a section of a class is 40. Complied
4. The library should be well equipped and spacious. It should be have at least 05 books (other than text books) per student in its stock subject to a minimum of 1500 at the beginning. Complied
School Library has more than 10000 books
5. The school should subscribe sufficient number of newspapers and magazines suitable for students and there should be at least 15 magazines at the beginning. Complied
14 Periodicals, 4 Dailes, 550 Reference Books, 3 magazines.
6. Classrooms – minimum size should be 8m x 6m (approx 500 sq ft.) Complied
7. Science Labs (Composition for secondary or / and separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Senior Secondary) – Minimum size should be 9m x 6m each (approx 600 sq ft.) and fully equipped. School is having composite science lab as school is upto to Class X
8. Library – minimum size should be 14m x 8m fully equipped and with reading room facility. Complied
9. Separate Computer Lab with computer-student ratio 1:20 & separate Maths Lab should be provided. Complied
10. Rooms for extra curricular activities – either seprate rooms for music, dance, arts& sports or one multi purpose hall for all these activities should be available. Complied
School is having separate rooms for Music, Dance,Art& Craft and Sports.
11. The school should have adequate facilities for providing recreation activities and physical education. Complied


S.No Norm Status of Implementation
1. Admission should be done as per CBSE rules and reservation categories should be handled according to state rules. Complied


S.No Norm Status of Implementation
1. School should have well qualified adequate teaching staff with pupil teacher ratio 30:1 Complied
Pupil Teacher ratio is 30:1
2. Salary should be paid through Account Payee Cheques drawn on a Scheduled bank, from the date of first appointment of the teachers on probation. Salary is paid through Account Payee .
3. Schools should provide appointment letter to the staff with minimum one year contract which will not be extended beyond 2 yaers. Complied
Service rules are followed.
4. The Schools should have benefits like Gratuity, provident fund as per the Govt. norms. Complied
EPF is paid to employees.
5. Except special cases all teachers should be engaged as whole time employees. Complied
6. The number of students in the class should not be very large. The optimum number in a section of class is 40. Complied
7. Orientation programmes should be carried out for entire teaching staff by the school or collaboration with other schools/state. Complied
Teachers orientation programmes at Schoo.
8. After verification school will not retain original certificates of the employees. Complied
9. There should not be any gender specific violence & sexual harassment at the workplace. Complied


S.No Norm Status of Implementation
1. In case of schools belonging to category 3(1)(v), there should be a properly constituted Registered Society/Trust. It should be of a non proprietary character and its constitution be such that it does not vest control in a single individual or members of a family. The aims of the Society/Trust should be laid down under section 19(1) and (2). Complied
2. Formation of the Society/Trust should also conform to the state government rules in which the school is located. Complied
3. School management committee should have powers to supervise activities of school for its smooth functioning. Complied

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